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The Power of Story at the 6th USC Body Computing Conference

The Power of Story

The power of story and community has fascinated me since my dentist days, when I used stories and hypnosis on my patients to induce relaxation and behavior change.  More recently, during my research for “Mobile Social Games for Health” when I discovered how online health communities, such as OneHealth, use sharing of patient stories to support and enhance the addiction recovery process.

Most recently, during my research on “Big Data in Healthcare- Hype and Hope” while asking the question who owns the data, I was led to a myriad of patient stories, even on the HHS site.

Ed Saxon, the award winning filmmaker and brother of Dr. Leslie Saxon, the founder of the Center for Body Computing, has been thinking about the power of story.  Although I was familiar with the use of avatars, I was wowed to see a demo of an avatar that can express realistic emotion!

On a lighter note, when Dr. Saxon was speaking about sensor technology for elite athletes, she noted “it is the only trickle-down I believe in.”  Living so close to Hollywood, I wondered how quickly the power of story could bring sensor monitoring to the average Joe and Jane?

There is already strength and conditioning coaches using sensors and measurements such as in Proactive SportsMC10, a company that makes wearable body tattoos and sensors, has a sports advisory board and an agreement with Reebok to make athletic apparel that can exploit conformal electronics.

In addition, Neurotopia has wearable biosensors that are used in cognitive training to help athletes maximize their performance.

With stories of Olympic champion, Misty May-Treanor, using Neurotopia’s brain training,  perhaps this trickle-down effect may be faster than we think.

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