Feedback Loops and Behavior Change in Healthcare

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In preparing my talk on “What is Working in Mobile Games and Online Patient Support” for the mHealth Summit, I asked the folks at @kairoslabs @habitdesign and @healthrageous for their reading recommendations on behavior change.

The next few posts will include their suggestions and others, as we explore the many facets of behavior change.

Below are three white papers, with different views to get us started on our learning adventure:

1. E and Y Progressions 2012 looks at behavior change across the entire life science spectrum and asserts that everyone in healthcare will need to be in the behavior change business.

2.Transforming Bodies and Lifestyles – The Institute for the Future Insights into Inspiring Behavior Change– gives us three takeaways. One: no one size fits all. Two: technology can assist with the right personalized solutions at the right time in the right place. Three: Iterating that technology is key, as we learn more about how to use this new technology to get the desired results.

3. MobilHealthnews Healthy Feedback Loops explains how digital health companies are using feedback loops to encourage healthy behavior.

Any other suggestions?

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