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Curiosity and Resilience are Always in Fashion


Throughout my career, I was ahead of my time, and of course, until very recently I didn’t know it! I used to be the odd woman out, or maybe I was a Misfit before it was cool!

Now I’m finding new comrades of various ages, such as the women at the Rock Health 2013 XX Retreat.

There have recently been many articles about career resilience and flexibility for professionals  at all ages.

Why now? I wonder. Haven’t people always been deeply curious?

People are always surprised when they find out that I have had 2 or 3 careers (or maybe 8, depending on how you delineate).

I have always been deeply curious, since before dissecting frogs in the basement of my home as a child.

(Hats off to my mom, my first mentor, who ordered those frogs when I wanted to know what was inside them!)image

Career trajectory I – Dentist with an interest in economics and research

  1. Entrepreneurial dentist with 2 practices: a high-end pain practice, using behavior modification to help patients fearful of the dentist; and a classic “drill, fill and bill” office.
  2. Claims review consultant at Prudential
  3. Health Services researcher at Rand Corporation

Career Pivot 1 – Finance MBA at Anderson

Career Trajectory II – Wall Street on the West Coast

  1. Sell-side general healthcare equity analyst: biotech, medical devices, services
  2. Buy-side long/short biotech hedge fund analyst
  3. Healthcare Investor Relations counsel at an agency
  4. Healthcare Investor Relations professional inside several small companies

Career Pivot 2 – Captivated with new tools and analytics and their potential to nudge behavior change of Americans toward a more preventive approach to our health

  1. Digital health analyst: Mobile Health Games, Big Data
  2. Business development consultant:
  3. Looking for the right emerging company

I’ve always felt myself an odd duck and now I’m finding I’m less odd and that there are more “misfits” like me.

Although the next destination is not clear, don’t you think I should take Dr. Seuss’ advice?


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