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Out and About In New York City

I recently had the opportunity to explore the emerging healthtech scene in New York City, where I was graciously welcomed by Blueprint Health, Enspektos and Greatist.

Michael Maggio gave me the tour of  Blueprint Health. Occupying a large open space filled with artwork, I could feel  the palpable enthusiasm where start-ups gather on one side, while the other side hosts companies sharing office space. After hearing Daniel Farkash’s story of sheer persistence and determination to get the accelerator off the ground, I began to think about the future of the LA tech scene.

Fard Johnmar of Enspektos, is working on a subject close to my heart-trying to measure the affect of digital content on behavior change.

Derek Flanzraich of Greatist further sparked by curiosity.  Why New York City, I asked. “Because we have great writers” he replied.

As a co-founder of the LA Mobile Health Circle Meetup, I wondered why LA could not follow suit.

Does anyone think that LA is ready for a digital health accelerator?image

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