Discovering How to Improve my Health at MD Revolution

I began my assessment at MDRevolution thinking I was in great shape. As a long time devotee of the Bar Method, I exercise regularly and  I am proud to have maintained my post weight watcher’s weight since college.

Yet, after testing my resting metabolic rate, my cardiorespiratory fitness and segmental body analysis, I was surprised to get my Report Card, which gave me B+ for Metabolism and Visceral Fat with a C- for VO2 fitness.

What exactly was tested?

After not eating or drinking caffeine for three hours, I got on a scale, shown below, that measured a BMI of 20, body fat of 22% with a goal of 18% and 8.8 lbs of fat surrounding my organs, with a goal of 8.0 lbs.

Given my solid muscle tone and stable weight, I was surprised by these results.  The test was so sensitive, that it picked up differences between my right and left side, as well as postural issues, that have recently affected my gait.

My resting metabolic rate, was measured sitting in a chair, with my nose clamped while breathing into a tube.  Initially, it was slightly uncomfortable, but the test was over before I could complain.

Next, came the treadmill test.  For those who know me, not eating for 3 hours is a long time, so I was starving and somewhat light-headed when I stepped on the treadmill.  Needless to say the test was challenging for me and I need to improve the peak amount of oxygen that my body consumes during exercise.

What’s next?  I wonder if adding Zumba to my exercise routine will rekindle my dreams of being a ballet dancer, while improving my cardiovascular endurance.

It will be interesting to explore how quickly I can set this intention to change my behavior into motion.

Any suggestions how to get started?

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