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My Adventures with Lark Pro

In pursuit of better sleep, I started my experiment with Lark Pro. After opening an inviting package, (nice job on the design)  I discovered a comfortable wrist band along with straight forward instructions.



I am not a digital native, so get ready to laugh with me, as I share some of my novice experiences.

Not realizing that the phone needed to be close to my bed, I left it charging downstairs.  Remarkably, the sensor must have a pretty good range, because it managed to download my first two nights.

The easy to read graphical display, shown below,  gave me a visual view of when I  awoke 14 times the first night and 12 times the second night. As I look across a few days of sleep data, perhaps there are some patterns to this waking up?  I wonder if this explains why I seldom feel rested?

Alas, I must wait until the end of my seven days to get input from the coach, so stay tuned.


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