Healthloop – Where the Patient is No Longer “Out of Sight Out of Mind”

Ubiquitous mobile social technology and data analytics has the potential to help us take better care of ourselves.  Now with Healthloop, technology may help doctors take better care of us, before and after surgery.

Years ago when I was curious about quality of care, I had the opportunity to do outcomes research at the Rand Corporation.  Back then, disease management protocols were mostly based upon retrospective analysis.

Today, with technology creating more real-time feedback, Healthloop will enable doctors to give the patient more personalized and accurate pre-and-post recovery guidance.  When these detailed instructions come from a trusted source, the doctor (as shown in the above picture), this is a win-win.

“Not only do we use the evidence that exists, but we will add more real-time postoperative feedback from the patient.  This will give us an opportunity to intercede on problems earlier and improve outcomes,” the CEO Todd Johnson enthusiastically explained.

Healthloop is starting to develop loops related to the high ticket items, such as orthopedics, gynecology, and urology, where 1 in 7 patients experience a complication and there are $1.5 billion in preventable complications (in hip and knee replacements) each year.

As I listened to the founder, Dr. Jordan Shlain, explain the future of Healthloop  “as an outcomes engine whose data can be used in comparative effectiveness research“ the health services researcher in me was very excited.

What I like about Healthloop:

1.      Improves doctor-patient communication

2.      Educates the patient

3.      Has the potential to use data to create better outcomes while improving doctor efficiency and patient convenience

What do you think of this approach?


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