Persistence Sprinkled with Imagination at the Digital Health Summit

San Diego is always a happy place for me because I am hosted by an amazing husband and wife physician team, who remind me what it means to care about patients.

During a relaxing dinner with an inspiring view of the hills, they asked me what I saw for my next adventure.

“Working for a company in digital health whose mission captures my mind and spirit,” I said.

How lucky I feel to be an active professional in the digital health community.

The next morning, I walked into the Digital Health Summer Summit to be greeted by warm hugs from old friends:@GilbertGuide, @XXinhealth, @CathCalarco, @bootstrapped and @youngjhmb. 

Looking around, it is apparent that Jill Gilbert works hard to make all her guests feel welcome. The well-designed program is punctuated with nifty titles:  Day in the Life of a Doctor, Patient and CaregiverMaster Class: Reaching Your Customers Off (And On) the Grid.  Along with the clever titles, the “fun facts” about each speaker -hobbies, favorite foods- make them seem real and approachable, lending grace and ease to networking.

Listening to Dr. Aenor Sawyer, the Associate Director of mHealth at UCSF, in A Day in the Life of a Doctor, Patient and Caregiver, it dawned on me that I have always been a problem solver, always seeking solutions. We tend to focus on the technology, but as Sawyer points out, it is really a “combination of process and technology,” so we need “more collaboration.”

Jill’s community support is shown by her introducing new companies such as Univfy and Medivizor.

Dr. Mylene Yao, Co-Founder and CEO of Univfy noted that the “consumer needs data that is accurate, predictive and personalized.”  She adeptly described how Univfy gets data from many sources and puts together predictive models that will help fertility patients make tough decisions such as whether to do IVF or how many embryos to use.  This information is important because it “increases the confidence of the patients to make a timely decision.”

Tal Givoly, the CEO of Medivizor described a subscription service that brings “personalized health information updates” to the masses.  The product is written at a 10th grade level, so that it easy to understand. If the product delivers on its promises, getting the right health information at the right time will be much easier for all of us.

Catherine Calarco, the Chief Marketing Officer and SVP of Heartmath gave us inspiring ideas on how to explore new markets while Robin Raskin’s sense of humor made a public relations lesson fun.

With perfect timing, a passionate Anand Iyer, Ph.D., the President and COO of WellDoc described their FDA approval “This is the first time in the history of medicine that a doctor can prescribe mobile software.”   Other highlights of his keynote From a Sugar Rush to Digital Health High include a call to action. “Let us never forget who we are doing this for.  Let’s collectively move forward (to help patients).”

As my day came to a close, hearing and seeing the WellDoc diabetes monitor in the Ford demo car brought the technology to life.

I can’t wait to see what surprises Jill has in store for us at CES.

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