As shown above in 2009, I began to notice an expanding definition of health and wellness which included habit design and self-care.  Albeit slowly, I think we are beginning to see a societal shift in the importance of health and wellness as shown by:

1. The government’s efforts as seen by Mrs. Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign.

2. Celebrities such as Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Dr. Oz and Deepak Chopra at CES trying to make fitness cool.

3. More self-insured employers are embracing health and wellness as part of a productive culture.

Now in 2013, as shown below. there is a trend to move the medical system from sickness intervention to “prevention” or “well care.”

This is a model of prevention based upon a continuing convergence of data analytics and ubiquitous mobile social connectivity.  The convergence is enabling people to proactively drive their behavior change through iterative, personalized engagement rather than passive participation in data-driven disease prevention.

The concept is still so new that we don’t yet have a word that replaces “patient” to describe individuals actively pursuing better health.

Do you think we have seen a societal shift regarding health and wellness?

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