The open data movement and thus data sharing has been steadily growing since 2001.

Data Sharing

Open data was a movement that came with the Big Data movement. Open data encourages the sharing of data to promote collaboration and reduce costs.  Data sharing is an integral part of many aspects of Big Data in Healthcare, and now it is coming to genomics.

Genomics and Data Sharing

The NIH is facilitating and guiding genomic data sharing through their Policy for Sharing of Data Obtained in NIH Supported or Conducted Genome-Wide Association Studies.  They are encouraging scientists who study genomics to share their data in order to speed the translation of basic genetic research.  “(The) NIH believes that the full value of genomic studies to the public can be realized only if the resulting genotype and phenotype datasets are made available as rapidly as possible to a wide range of scientific investigators.“

The Future

As large enterprises, small companies, and academic institutions start sharing data with each other and the public, research efforts should accelerate a new goal of a $100 genome, instead of a $1000 genome.


Do you think that issues of privacy will slow down data sharing in genomics?

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