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From StrataRx to Habit Design and the Center For Body Computing

It has been a whirlwind few weeks attending attending a variety of conferences- all attaching the problems in healthcare from a different vantage point.

The variety of key takeaways represents some of the unconnected pieces of the very complex health care system.

At StrataRx- I was happy to hear of some additional progress in data sharing including

1. Pfizer’s plans to share clinical trial data with patients

2. Optum Labs plans to share the Mayo Clinic data

At the Habit Design Meetup, I heard personal stories about what triggers people to get started with a habit, and what helps them to stay on track

In contrast to the StrataRx and Habit Design meetings, at the Center for Body Computing Conference, I was reminded to put the patient in the center of our thinking while using the power of story.

How do we tie together data, habits, story and patient care?

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