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Storytelling at the Center for Body Computing 2013

The Power of Story has fascinated me and the folks at the Center for Body Computing for some time.  This year at the 2013 Body Computing Conference,  two new concepts captured my imagination.

Short bursts of useful health information makes sense to me as an educational tool.  Using this approach on a YouTube video platform,  Santa Monica based Tastemade, is expanding their food demos to include healthy eating.

Heart Coach- shown below- is Dr. Saxon’s example of storytelling applied to heart health.  Designed by Karten Design the concept allows patients with implantable cardiac defibrillators to manage their heart health.

The app uses algorithms and coaching to actively engage patients in positive behavior change.  An interesting approach is progressive disclosure which gives the patient a sense of control by asking permission to offer additional information.

Other approaches to storytelling at USC include the USC Creative Media & Behavioral Health Center, and the USC Institute for Global Health.

What is your institution or project doing to promote the use of storytelling as an educational tool in health?


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