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Using Digital Tools to Channel Our Minds: Bibliography

By Melinda Speckmann

As a follow up to our Introduction, here is some in-depth reading to keep your brains blooming with life for a better understanding of what it means to stay sharp, stay well and overcome illness.

Staying Sharp: Cognitive training allows individuals to stay sharp and keep our brains fit by improving various cognitive skills.

  • LearningRx defines cognitive training and how it can improve certain cognitive skills.
  • PostScience clarifies the distinction between brain training and brain games.
  • SharpBrains gives a guide of certain conditions that must be met for brain training to improve one’s daily life.
  • Lumosity did a study with 6 years of data sets to draw two major conclusions on cognitive performance in life and age.
  • Huffington Post shares research, presented by Georgia Institute of Technology, that there isn’t a correlation between improvement of memory and improvement on fluid intelligence with brain training.

Being Happy: Aside from keeping our brains fit, we must be sure our brains are well. This is dependent on our mental mindset and level of happiness.

  • Your Brain Training introduces mindfulness as a way to improve your brain’s wellness.
  • Huffington Post clears up the many misconceptions that stem from practicing mindfulness.

Overcoming Illness: Just as it is important to conquer physical illnesses, mental illnesses need to also be addressed.

  • Discovery Health addresses the implications of long term stress on the brain and tips to overcome it.
  • The AARP Blog gives four tips to staying happy and mentally strong despite old age and the myth that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks.

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