In hopes to raise awareness, we have donned our curiosity caps and constructed this forum to educate you on everything you need to know about autoimmune diseases.

After surveying and landscaping a combination of scientific literature, audience blog posts, and Ted Talks, we have selected some of the best autoimmune research for you to peruse.

As both citizens and professional scientists, we have explored and catalogued material spanning much of the autoimmune territory. Our blog includes a number of themes: the gut as an immune organ, the brain-gut axis, fecal microbiota transplants, the microbiome, the microbiome diet, and leaky gut.

For an insider perspective on autoimmune disease, be sure to check out some voices we have amplified throughout our exploration of the unrecognized world of autoimmunity.

We hope you enjoy our site and continue to find interest in the world of autoimmune diseases! Happy learning!

What autoimmunity topics would you like to explore?
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