Our Guide to Bridging the Autoimmune Abyss through New Discoveries

By Tiffany Simms

In light of our enormous autoimmunity research, we understand how hard it is to face 67 slides of only article and book citations with no context.
So! We’ve put together a table of contents with a brief abstract for each section to aid your exploration.

The Invisible Epidemic: Incidence and Prevalence 
Autoimmune Diseases are invisible; spoonies look fine with few signs of physical suffering. Why an epidemic? Autoimmune diseases affect 16% of the US population – more than cancer and heart disease combined. Most alarming is the increase in multiple autoimmune diseases in young adults. The numbers are staggering, take a look.

Basic Science Foundation for Discovery → slides 4-15
This section compiles most of the research to date around new autoimmunity discoveries in immunology and the microbiome. Check back for new updates.

Data As An Enabling Tool: Getting Closer to Precision Medicine → slides 32-40
Our ability to gather, move, store and analyze large data sets is rapidly improving, enabling us to turn data into knowledge. Using data to create actionable insights is key to providing more precise and personalized care for the autoimmune community.

Autoimmunity: Sorting the Multiple Causes → slides 41- 56
The causes of autoimmunity remain a mystery, however, new research suggests novel culprits behind autoimmunity.

Prevention and Lifestyle Modifications: What We Can Do → slide 57 – 66
While science is working on the autoimmune puzzle, complementary practices such as diet, exercise, and meditation can improve autoimmune disease management. Moreover, digital health tools are rising in popularity and may offer a crucial new platform for understanding and managing autoimmunity.

Join us in making the lonely voices of autoimmune disease less lonely!

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