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Once the Fog Lifts…

Do you know there is an invisible epidemic affecting millions, possibly billions worldwide? The worst part is that number is increasing and it’s increasing in children.

Early this year, we began a series on autoimmune disease that illustrates its underserved and invisible nature. This invisible disease presents a large and growing opportunity to help millions today and in the future.
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“We’re spending money looking at each car on the train – lupus, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis – but not the engine driving them” – Autoimmune Epidemic: The Crusader

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An Invisible Epidemic – When Your Body Attacks Itself – Autoimmune Disease
How Reframing the Data Unveils a Public Health Crisis Bigger than Cancer and Heart Disease Combined.

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Battling an Invisible Epidemic
From Stanford MedX to SXSW, amplifying the lonely voices of autoimmune disease.

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How Do You See Invisible Chronic Suffering?
Building a Model to Improve the Lives of a Disease Population Larger than Cancer and Heart Disease Combined


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