Do you know there is an invisible epidemic affecting millions, possibly billions worldwide? The worst part is that number is increasing and it’s increasing in children.

Early this year, we began a series on autoimmune disease that illustrates its underserved and invisible nature. This invisible disease presents a large and growing opportunity to help millions today and in the future.
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“We’re spending money looking at each car on the train – lupus, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis – but not the engine driving them” – Autoimmune Epidemic: The Crusader

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An Invisible Epidemic – When Your Body Attacks Itself – Autoimmune Disease
How Reframing the Data Unveils a Public Health Crisis Bigger than Cancer and Heart Disease Combined.

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Battling an Invisible Epidemic
From Stanford MedX to SXSW, amplifying the lonely voices of autoimmune disease.

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How Do You See Invisible Chronic Suffering?
Building a Model to Improve the Lives of a Disease Population Larger than Cancer and Heart Disease Combined


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