quip’s Secret to Successful Oral Care: Going Back to Basics

Written by: Bonnie Feldman, DDS, MBA, Hailey Motooka, Ellen M. Martin

Maybe you’ve seen it on a social media ad, plastered on a wall in a busy airport terminal. Or it was popping up unannounced before a YouTube video. You may have even heard about it on a podcast. Regardless of where you have seen it (or heard about it), you can’t help but pause and want to learn more.

Never has a toothbrush – or any other oral care product for that matter – garnered so much attention and intrigue from the public.

Since when did a toothbrush become associated with words like ‘cool’ and ‘hipster’?

To answer this question we decided to ask the creators of the ‘Tesla of Toothbrushes’: quip. We talked to Jeremy Krell, DMD, MBA, and Director of Dental at quip, who gave us some insights into quip’s ‘secret sauce’ for their toothbrush success.  

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According to Krell, the overall goal of the company extends far beyond the physical product line. quip hopes to encourage actual behavioral change in the way the public perceives dental care and practices oral health.

It all starts with design,

and not just the physically sleek design of the toothbrush itself. It’s also the digital website and marketing design, that resonates simplicity, minimalism and convenience of the overall brand. Keeping in mind the fears, uncertainties, and financial constraints that consumers typically have with the oral care industry, quip has created a platform that walks consumers through an experience that is not only simple, but also enjoyable. Through quip’s subscription plan, consumers initially receive an electric toothbrush set containing a brush, multi-use cover/mount, and toothpaste. New brush heads, batteries, and toothpaste will be sent every three months following for a small additional charge.

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Quip Store

Boom. You never have to worry about going to the store, having to sift through a whole aisle of toothbrushes and toothpaste, ever again. How convenient is that?

Many other toothbrush companies have tried to be innovative by creating additional features like varying speeds, bulky attachments, and bluetooth capabilities. However, quip has moved in the opposite direction by going back to basics and focusing simply on how to get people to brush twice a day.

Next, educating… and re-educating.

The second step in quip’s oral health revolution is educating consumers on the importance of oral care. This involves encouraging consumers to build good habits such as brushing twice a day, flossing, and scheduling visits with a dentist on a regular basis.

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Krell calls these tidbits of advice ‘quip Tips’. They can be found on the website, and are also included in the refill packs that are sent out to subscribers. Additional educational content can also be found in quip’s monthly newsletter called ‘The Mouthoff’. The Mouthoff features all sorts of information. It ranges from ways to prevent teeth staining, to giveaway sweepstakes contests to the oral microbiome. While the content is constantly changing, one thing is certain: the newsletter will never be short of a good mouth pun.

Inclusion of dentists

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Dental Connect

According to Krell, many up-and-coming dental brands are working on ways to cut providers out of the equation. Once again, quip is doing the opposite. They hired a full-time dental team from day one, understanding the importance of having a professional perspective within the company. Not only this, quip also reaches out to dentists through their Dental Connect platform. This platform seeks to connect patients and providers. quip recognizes that on the consumer side, everyone’s mouth needs are different. Providers are also very different, in styles, treatments, accepted insurers, etc. There isn’t necessarily a wrong fit, but quip offers a way to find a better fit between patients and providers.

It’s a whole separate component of simplicity and convenience that quip offers to aid in reimagining oral care.   

“We want to think of oral care in terms of an ecosystem from a 360 view instead of a linear one.”

A change in attitudes in order to change habits.

People genuinely do not like oral care in the way they like cosmetics or skin care. The mouth is shunned as a dirty place that only gains attention when something is wrong with it. quip’s hardest challenge is altering people’s mindset to think about the mouth in a way that is positive.

The good news is that quip has already been immensely successful. They’ve been able to bring oral care into the limelight on numerous social media platforms.

It is safe to say that quip is revolutionizing the way consumers envision oral health care, and we can’t wait to see the effects of their efforts!

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