We can help you achieve your goals (business development, communications, marketing, finance). We draw on four different expert perspectives (Industry, Analyst, Practitioner, Patient) to help you understand the market landscape and bridge the gaps that have impeded advances in chronic inflammatory disease and (auto)immune care.

Strategic & Tactical Communications

From investor relations, corporate and marketing communications, financial analyst and patient perspectives, we can help you articulate your messages, develop compelling stories and use lively visuals to produce content for old and new media. 

Presentations & Fundraising

From decades of experience on both sides of the table (analyst, investor relations, corporate communications) we can help you develop roadshows and communicate persuasively to investors and analysts.

Speakers, Panels, & Workshops

We help you find opportunities, pitch to conferences, develop compelling  content, coordinate with graphic designers and video producers, and prepare you to present with polish through rehearsal & feedback.

Partnerships & Opportunities

Through our vast network of people in digital health, autoimmune, oral health, etc., we can help you find allies and potential partners, identify new market opportunities and help you keep up with scientific research & business trends in these fast moving fields.

Market Positioning & Messaging

We apply consulting techniques in facilitated workshops informed by a spirit of curiosity and fun to help you understand your place in the competitive landscape, highlight your company’s differentiators and create unique positioning and messaging for your communications programs.

Competitive Analysis & Mapping

We analyze and map the competitive landscape to strategically position your company in a more complete universe that includes alternative medicine and digital health, in addition to conventional industry categories.