Post-Viral Syndromes – A History of Neglect (Long COVID Part 2)

The emergence of post-COVID syndrome shines new light on the old problem of post-viral syndromes   In Part 1, we discussed how the rise of long covid shines new light on chronic post-viral disorders long ignored by researchers and clinicians. But…

Will Long COVID Change the Game for Autoimmune Diseases, too? Part 1

Will long-COVID activists, especially practitioner-patients, finally force healthcare systems, clinicians and medical researchers to confront post-viral and similar chronic syndromes they have shrugged off for decades? In keeping with our mission, will a focused response by healthcare systems and researchers to post-COVID syndrome help illuminate the invisible epidemic of autoimmune and autoinflammatory disorders?

Chase Spurlock, PhD, Founder & CEO of Decode Health, on Predictive Data Analytics for COVID-19 & Chronic Disease*

Dr Bonnie 360 interviews Chase Spurlock, PhD, founder and CEO of Decode Health on AI analytics in COVID and chronic inflammatory disease.

Post COVID Digital Health & Chronic Disease (Part 2)

The COVID-19 pandemic and healthcare systems’ responses to it have been the biggest disruptors in digital health’s 30-year history. We hope this will be the biggest disruptor for a few decades to come! Therefore, this is a unique moment of…

Post-COVID Digital Health & Chronic Disease (Part 1)

The COVID-19 pandemic and response is transforming healthcare in many ways, with unpredictable consequences. In fact, the pandemic and healthcare systems’ responses to it are the biggest disruptors in 30 years of digital health. Hopefully, this will be the biggest…

Dr Kosinski, MD, MBA, SonarMD Founder

On GI practice, beta risk, digital health, VBP and chronic care Another in our new series of B2B thought leadership interviews with visionary entrepreneurs applying digital tools to improve care of chronic immunoinflammatory disorders (CID), including autoimmune and autoinflammatory diseases.…

Mental Health Coping Strategies During the COVID Pandemic
For autoimmune patients and everyone else

The pandemic is a high-anxiety event for most of us. Prioritize your mental health to remain positive and productive while practicing social distancing. We’re sharing some mental health coping strategies to help you stay calm and happy despite these turbulent times.