We blend clinical experience, Wall Street business analysis, and a deep understanding of the digital health competitive landscape. Bringing personal passion and a spirit of open collaboration, we have fun helping our clients find & articulate their unique strengths.

Are you looking for answers to any of the following questions?

  • How can data and digital health catalyze change?
  • What are the unmet needs and desires of autoimmune patients?
  • Where will new companies fit into the autoimmune puzzle?
  • How can established companies tap into this emerging space?
  • What is the future of emerging autoimmune sciences, especially microbiomics?
  • How can alternative modalities integrate with conventional medicine?

If so, you may be a candidate for our professional services:

Corporate Strategic Planning: We assist you to articulate your vision & mission, unique selling propositions, and market positioning.

Business Development: We coordinate fundraising, new market entry, and developing & producing meetings, events, panels, and workshops.

Partnerships & Alliances: We facilitate emerging tech companies, autoimmune communities, event producers & sponsors in identifying new partners and building alliances for success.

Investor & Marcomm Presentations: We develop content, coordinate with designers, and prepare you to present persuasively with rehearsal & feedback strategies.

Research: We analyze competitive markets as well as scientific & business trends.

Writing & Communication: We write and edit, ranging from white papers, to technical backgrounders & collateral, to blog posts and social media content.

Contact us to discuss potential opportunities for collaboration!