“Igniting Precision Medicine in Autoimmune Disease: Using Data and Digital Tools”

Judy Jetson reimagines diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune disease.
Precision medicine is emerging in cancer therapy: biomarkers are enabling stratification of patients for better study designs and clinicians are matching treatment to disease and patient to improve outcomes. Increasing ability to mine data (genomic, metabolomic, etc.) to develop targeted therapies and improved diagnostics is making possible the use of precision medicine against other disease states. The knowledge from using data and digital tools to personalize cancer treatment can and should be applied to the growing needs of the autoimmune community. With more than 50M Americans suffering from 90+ different autoimmune diseases, this is a large and growing market. NIH estimates that $100 billion is spent annually (compared to $57 billion in cancer), but treating symptoms, rather than curing diseases. This talk at BRC D2D Data to Drugs Diagnostics explores how we can begin to use big data and digital tools to ignite precision medicine in autoimmune disease for Judy Jetson.