“The Future of Personalized Prevention”

Managing complex chronic diseases is the fastest-growing challenge to healthcare systems today. In our world of ubiquitous mobile devices, cloud computing and big data, can digital tools help personalize care, improve outcomes and lower costs? Web-based communities have unleashed a self-care movement (symptom monitoring, diet, exercise) to empower patients with chronic conditions (autoimmune, fibromyalgia, etc.). Digital communications (remote monitoring, mobile, telepresence) can improve care coordination, connecting patients with multiple specialists and complementary practitioners. The stage is set for personalized prevention! Bringing together the three different perspectives of a digital health guru, academic innovator, and personal coach, Indu Subaiya, Brennan Spiegel, and Mette Drhyberg, at IDEAS Los Angeles will show us how to embrace the digital world to achieve personalized prevention today and in the future.