Molecular Med TRI-CON

“Will the Microbiome Be One of the Missing Links to Solving the Autoimmunity Puzzle?”

As numerous as the stars in the sky, the ecosystem inside our bodies, gives hope to the lonely voices of autoimmune disease.

DrBonnie360 presents the microbiome lifeline at Cambridge HealthTech Institute’s 23rd International Molecular Med Tri-Con. Showing Data and Digital Health is the glue that brings together research, clinical care, patients, and businesses, DrBonnie360 effectively tosses a lifeline across the autoimmune abyss.


  • Chairperson for Informatics Channel
  • Content Advisor – Microbiomics
  • Chairperson for Microbiomics Short Course
    • DrBonnie360 brings together two rising stars of the Sonnenburg Lab and the Knight Lab, and four microbiome companies, Second Genome, Osel Inc, AOBiome, and WholeBiome, to discuss the importance of the microbiome and how we can harness its power.