Stanford Medicine X

“Saving Our Children – How to Reverse the Autoimmune Epidemic” Main Stage

DrBonnie360 returns to Stanford Medicine X 2016 on the Main Stage. As a champion for all autoimmune patients, DrBonnie’s new goal is collaborate and work together to save our children from the growing epidemic of autoimmunity. Approximately 27% of children under 19 – and rising – have at least 1 chronic condition, and by 2023 $4.2 Trillion lost economic output will be spent on chronic disease. Will you join to help save the future?

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“High Tech for High Touch Healing – using data and digital tools to blend conventional and complementary medicine for chronic disease patients” Panel

The Precision Medicine Initiative and Vice President Biden’s “moonshot in cancer” renew Federal focus on medical research. The convergence of healthcare and information technology—especially advances in data collection and analysis—is accelerating research in genomics, immunology, microbiomics, and systems biology. These developments are sparking unprecedented innovation in healthcare, enabling us to dream of a future where every person gets the right care at the right time, even before disease strikes.

Despite these new tools, chronic disease is epidemic, especially among young adults and children, who face a lifetime of suffering. Vague and debilitating symptoms are aggravated by confused and disconnected care. A major patient frustration is the lack of care coordination across medical specialists, even more so for complementary interventions like diet, exercise, and meditation. Results from our Stanford Medicine X 2015 survey of autoimmune patients reflect these cries for help, which are also shown in other patient communities.

“It took 7 years and 13 doctors to even TEST for autoimmunity. I feel cheated out of so many years of my life.”

“I would like a team of healers working together, ‘looking at the body as a whole system’ to determine diagnosis and best outcome for each patient.”

This panel is an opportunity for Stanford Medicine X’s empowered patients to lead in the integration of complementary and conventional medicine to help reverse the accelerating growth of chronic diseases.

Inspirational entrepreneurs developing innovative delivery approaches will highlight how they are tackling chronic disease management in new and different ways.

Doctor on Demand gives consumers access to telemedicine consults at the push of a button.

Parsley Health focuses on prevention with a novel, subscription-based wellness practice that incorporates digital tools and coaching.