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It’s Not Contagious!

Following Will, our second UCLA student, Tia, lends us her voice in describing the challenges of living with and caring for psoriasis. –Did you know about Psoriasis before you had it?– I had no idea what psoriasis was! The first time I ever showed symptoms I just had one small spot, and my doctor thought… Continue reading It’s Not Contagious!

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Bridging the Autoimmune Abyss at #MedX 2015

[View the story “ Bridging the Autoimmune Abyss at Stanford MedX 2015”]

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Bridging the Autoimmune Abyss

A Pioneering Blueprint By Bonnie G. Feldman, Ellen M. Martin, and Tiffany Simms In researching the state of autoimmune disease from a patient perspective, I have uncovered multiple gaps across the care continuum. Despite the fact that at least 24-50 million1 Americans are living with autoimmune diseases and they are among the top ten causes… Continue reading Bridging the Autoimmune Abyss

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Why Is Autoimmune Disease Underserved?

View the slides below to discover why autoimmune disease is underserved, and how this can be changed:

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AARDA: An Idea Ahead of Its Time

An Overlooked Disease Autoimmune disease (AD) is a drastically underappreciated problem. There are 80-100 ADs, and researchers suspect that 40 additional diseases have an autoimmune element. AARDA estimates that 50 million Americans suffer from autoimmune disease, but there appears to be an increasing incidence in young adults. AD is responsible for a great deal of… Continue reading AARDA: An Idea Ahead of Its Time