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13 Unique Autoimmune and Chronic Illness Gifts

Written by: Bonnie Feldman, DDS, MBA, Becca Malizia, BS Do you or a loved one suffer from an Autoimmune disease or chronic illness? Struggling to find that perfect gift for someone you care about or even what to ask for yourself? Here are some ideas for meaningful, and also useful, autoimmune relevant gifts to add… Continue reading 13 Unique Autoimmune and Chronic Illness Gifts

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Saving Our Children: Reversing the Autoimmune Epidemic

By: Tiffany Simms, Bonnie Feldman, Ellen M. MartinDrBonnie360 returns to Stanford Medicine X a third time in a row, this time bringing the lonely voices of autoimmune disease to the main stage. After spotlighting autoimmune disease for two years, there is no better time to reverse the epidemic than today. A brighter, healthier future is… Continue reading Saving Our Children: Reversing the Autoimmune Epidemic

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Functional Medicine with Dr. Bland

Turning Autoimmune Dreams into Reality Being a Big Vision entrepreneur is a ride on an emotional rollercoaster. My vision is of a connected world of personalized care for autoimmune patients that uses data and digital tools to reshape research, diagnosis and clinical practice for autoimmune disease. This, of course, is outside today’s mainstream thinking, which… Continue reading Functional Medicine with Dr. Bland

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It’s Not Contagious!

Following Will, our second UCLA student, Tia, lends us her voice in describing the challenges of living with and caring for psoriasis. –Did you know about Psoriasis before you had it?– I had no idea what psoriasis was! The first time I ever showed symptoms I just had one small spot, and my doctor thought… Continue reading It’s Not Contagious!

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Bridging the Autoimmune Abyss

From Stanford Medicine X 2015 Listen to the talk here.

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Crossing the Autoimmune Abyss – The Open Medicine Institute and Foundation

By Bonnie Feldman, Ellen M. Martin Sometimes I find the answers I am looking for in the most unlikely places! Listening to the Lonely Voices of Autoimmune Disease led me on a hunt to find emerging companies using data and digital tools to help the large and growing needs of the autoimmunity community. To my… Continue reading Crossing the Autoimmune Abyss – The Open Medicine Institute and Foundation

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Exploring Autoimmunity

In hopes to raise awareness, we have donned our curiosity caps and constructed this forum to educate you on everything you need to know about autoimmune diseases. After surveying and landscaping a combination of scientific literature, audience blog posts, and Ted Talks, we have selected some of the best autoimmune research for you to peruse. As both citizens… Continue reading Exploring Autoimmunity

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Bridging the Autoimmune Abyss – Exploring the Connection between Food and Digestive Diseases with MyGiHealth

By Bonnie Feldman and Ellen M Martin Digital health is filled with promise, but for autoimmune patients many gaps persist. With an eye to bridging those gaps, I recently attended two very different conferences: The Interdisciplinary Autoimmune Summit was a continuing education meeting to help practicing physicians better treat complex autoimmune patients using a multidisciplinary,… Continue reading Bridging the Autoimmune Abyss – Exploring the Connection between Food and Digestive Diseases with MyGiHealth

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A Delicate Balancing Act

With the growing incidence of autoimmunity in young adults and the formation of new patient communities, we are taking a moment to give you a crash course on the biology behind the immune system. Here is a handpicked glossary that will enhance your personal research surrounding autoimmunity. Innate vs Adaptive Immunity Innate immunity is your… Continue reading A Delicate Balancing Act

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Research on the Microbiome

What does a “healthy” microbiome look like? Who is part of a microbiome? How can we quantify and analyze our microbiome? The Human Microbiome Project (HMP), a $173 million project by the NIH, was initiated to address these questions. It focuses on a comprehensive characterization of the human microbiome and the development of computational tools… Continue reading Research on the Microbiome