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Oralta: Keep Your Smile Smelling Sweet for the Magical Mistletoe Moment

Written By: Bonnie Feldman, DDS, MBA, Anthony Tung, Ellen M. Martin The holiday season is right around the corner, and it’s safe to say that Mariah Carey will once again be making her annual comeback to every radio station. But…

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Dr. Ginger’s: Oil Pulling Made Easy

Oil pulling, though it does sound like it, is not a method of fossil fuel extraction. Oil pulling is in fact an ancient practice used to clarify the mouth. Dr. Ginger's artfully and innovatively combines this purifying method into daily oral hygiene products, making oil pulling an easy practice to integrate into your dental care routine. Here's what DrBonnie360 has to say on their products.

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Are We What We Eat?

By Bonnie Feldman, Tiffany Simms, and Ellen M Martin Does diet experimentation play in the treatment and management of autoimmunity? Evidence that Diet Could Increase Autoimmune Disease Susceptibility Changes in diet have been shown to cause susceptibility in autoimmune diseases.…

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Learning that Germs Can Be Our Friends

There are trillions of bacteria that make up the human microbiome.  How do scientists study all the bacteria, their interactions and their effect on disease? What is Metagenomics? Metagenomics is a rapidly growing field of research that focuses on the…