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How to Naturally Improve Your Mood

Written by: Bonnie Feldman, DDS, MBA, Anna Simon, BS, Ellen M. Martin Depressed mood is a common symptom of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Even healthy people may feel fluctuations in mood from factors such as hormones, life events, fatigue, and even the foods you eat. We want you to feel like your best self, so… Continue reading How to Naturally Improve Your Mood

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Can Science Explain Gut Feelings?

Do you recognize the feeling of “butterflies?” We feel “butterflies” because the gut’s enteric nervous system, our “second brain,” houses 95% of the body’s serotonin. This same system also partially determines our mental state and plays a key role in contracting certain diseases. In fact, our brain and gut appear to be connected in significant ways. According to… Continue reading Can Science Explain Gut Feelings?