2nd AIRS International Conference on Genomics and Microbiomics

You’ve heard of the gut microbiome, but what about the oral microbiome? What goes on in your oral cavity has effects on your entire body. The mouth-body connection is little known, but critical to your overall health and well-being.

Cosmos ID Reveals What’s Really Inside Your Mouth

A myriad of microscopic organisms, bacteria, and fungi reside in our mouths--but recent findings in the emerging field of the oral microbiome show that they are actually helping rather than harming us! In fact, an imbalance in our oral microbiomes can cause many dental diseases. This makes it important for us to be able to track and maintain the microbial flora and fauna living withing our mouths. Here DrBonnie360 provides a reflection on her experience using CosmosID to sequence her oral microbiome.

The Little Things that Matter — Oral Bacteriophages

The microbiome is an increasingly prevalent topic of discussion in the field of oral and systemic health. But what about the virome? The virome encapsulates the viruses that inhabit your body. In this post, DrBonnie360 delves into the bacteriophage viruses in the oral virome and why they are important for the future of oral care.

Boka — An Oral Care Brand Combining Nature & Modern Science

When buying a new car, house, phone, or even cosmetics, we don’t just settle on the first option we lay eyes on. So why should oral care products be treated any differently? Dr. Bonnie details her experince with Boka, a compnay that created a chemical free, biocompatible toothpaste designed to not only enhance oral health, but overall health.

The Celiac Disease Foundation: Raising Awareness and Promoting Research

Elaine Monarch suffered from a mysterious illness for most of her adult life.  It was only in her 50s that she received an accurate diagnosis: celiac disease (CD). CD is an autoimmune disease that causes damage to the small intestine…

Using Digital Tools to Channel Our Minds: Introduction

By Bonnie Feldman, Melinda Speckmann, Ellen M. Martin New technologies in digital health, big data, genomics and neuroscience are converging to help us take better care of our minds, bodies and spirits. Just as our bodies require fitness through exercise…

Can We Measure the Mind-Body​ Connection?

Smoking, obesity and inactivity, together, account for 40% of the preventable premature deaths in the United States. New devices using biofeedback and neurofeedback may allow individuals to improve their positive behaviors which could decrease the number of premature deaths. What…

Discovering How to Improve my Health at MD Revolution

I began my assessment at MDRevolution thinking I was in great shape. As a long time devotee of the Bar Method, I exercise regularly and  I am proud to have maintained my post weight watcher’s weight since college. Yet, after…