A Picture of My Health Journey- Pictal Health

As the vast majority of autoimmune and chronic illness patients can attest, keeping track of our overlapping, protracted, and interwoven health histories is convoluted at best. However, Pictal Health provides an easy, one-stop solution to keeping track of the medications, physical therapy, appointments, and more that compose your health story by simply visualizing it.

Fibers, Fats & Polyphenols Key for Immune Health

Triglycerides, polyphenols, omega-3, fiber, sterols--the list of biomolecules necessary for good health can seem daunting and endless. Here DrBonnie360 deep dives into three of these dietary components--fibers, fats, and polyphenols--to elucidate their role in immune health and why they are necessary.

It’s Never Too Late – Conquering Fear of Public Speaking

They say it takes a village. In my case it took a village’s worth of coaches! To do what you wonder? To overcome my fear of public speaking. Most people who know me will be very surprised – it’s been a…

It’s Never Too Late – Finding Community Support is Key

During the past few months, many of my professional colleagues and friends have asked me how I have been able to tap the resilience needed to reinvent myself many times. Most recently, I have been lucky enough to find several…

The Lonely Voices of Autoimmune Disease @StanfordMedX

Explore a recap of DrBonnie360's Stanford MedicineX 2014 presentation, highlighting the need to use data and digital tools to ignite precision medicine in autoimmune disease. Click the link below: https://wakelet.com/wake/4b074fa4-86ed-4b90-939f-32f1013ade5c

Slides from the Stanford Medicine X Panel: Platform gaps in Healthcare

View the slides from DrBonnie360's Stanford Medicine X Panel on Open versus Closed Data - What are the business models? Is there a “Platform” gap in healthcare? What are the business models? from DrBonnie360 https://www.slideshare.net/DrBonnie360/stanford-medicine-x-open-versus-closed-data-dr-bonnie360  

Is there a “Platform gap” in Healthcare?

How will healthcare data business models evolve around new “Platforms”? by Bonnie Feldman, Ellen M. Martin Personal data is changing the way we work, live and play. As consumers, we expect to receive personalized recommendations in a variety of areas, from shopping…

The Human Microbiome: An Invisible Spouse in Sickness and in Health

The second we are born, each of us enters a unique relationship that is going to last a lifetime. Who’s the lucky one, you ask? About 100 trillion microbes that dwell everywhere on and inside our body: the skin, the…