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A Guide to Movement Therapy

For over 30 years, I was an obedient physical therapy patient. I went to PT once a week, week after week, and never asked why I was not getting better. Every so often I changed physical therapists, hoping to notice progress and alleviate my chronic pain. But my symptoms never showed improvement. Why did it… Continue reading A Guide to Movement Therapy

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DIY – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Sleep – Sleepio

As a teenager, I vividly remember my mother pacing the floors when she was unable to sleep. In fact, there she was, up and about, when I returned home late from a date. I never thought much about this at the time, until I reached the point in my own life where staying asleep seemed… Continue reading DIY – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Sleep – Sleepio

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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I dread the thought of getting wet and smelling like chlorine. That was the first thing I thought when thinking about trying pool therapy for my musculoskeletal issues. However, embracing the spirit of adventure and experimentation of my New Year’s Resolution, I went ahead and signed up for two pool therapy session. Still, I couldn’t… Continue reading One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

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DIY Movement Therapy: Finding the Right Cocktail

After going through many phases of information overload in from the sheer number of therapies available, these therapies no longer overwhelm me. Instead, I now have the opportunity to venture beyond my ten year comfort zone at The Bar Method, try new movement therapies, and find the right fit. In an ideal world, I would… Continue reading DIY Movement Therapy: Finding the Right Cocktail