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Evolution, Nutrition & Oral Health

Written by Becca Malizia, BS and Hailey Motooka, BS It's a wonderful thing when the mentees teach the mentor. My young and talented team combined what they are learning in school with some of the research we do here, enlightening me in the process. Let us know what you think! - DrBonnie360 - taking a… Continue reading Evolution, Nutrition & Oral Health

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Tips & Tools to Conquer your Chronic Disease

Scroll for e-book preview Click here to get the complete version for free!   Happy Autoimmune Awareness Month, 2019! Since starting Your Autoimmunity Connection back in 2012, we have come a long way! Hashtags like #spooniesstrong and #autoimmunewarriors have stood hand-in-hand with new booming social media platforms such as facebook, twitter and instagram, allowing us… Continue reading Tips & Tools to Conquer your Chronic Disease

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Halloween with an Autoimmune Disease

Written by: Bonnie Feldman, DDS, MBA, Hailey Motooka, BS, Becca Malizia, BS Halloween is an exciting time of year for children of all ages who look forward to dressing up in costumes and parading around neighborhoods to see who can collect the most candy. Walking from doorstep to doorstep, receiving handfuls of candy is both a… Continue reading Halloween with an Autoimmune Disease

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Food Spotlight on Lupus

Written by: Bonnie Feldman, DDS, MBA, Becca Malizia, BS, Ellen M. Martin As our knowledge about nutrition and food as medicine expands, using foods as health enhancers and therapy agents has become increasingly popular. Many patients, including autoimmune, are following dietary guidelines to help mitigate symptoms, based on the growing understanding that diet and nutrition can… Continue reading Food Spotlight on Lupus