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Spotlight on Psoriasis & Psoriatic Arthritis

“I think the idea of improving patient care for those with autoimmune diseases is incredibly important,” - anonymous patient participant in our “Autoimmunity Voices” survey. Our survey of autoimmune patients’ experiences revealed a common theme: the need to improve patient care. As Your Autoimmunity Connection, we share this same goal. Patient care does not just… Continue reading Spotlight on Psoriasis & Psoriatic Arthritis

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Your Autoimmunity Connection Newsletter

As a chronic disease patient, my dream is of a world where it doesn't take an average of three years and five doctors for patients to get a diagnosis for their autoimmune disease. Some 117 million people, or about half of all US adults, are living with one or more chronic health conditions, and many of them… Continue reading Your Autoimmunity Connection Newsletter

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The Power of Personalized Coaching

Having a chronic disease does not mean that we are powerless in achieving our best states of health. In fact, maximizing our personal well-being may be well within our control! More resources are becoming available to help patients overcome their chronic symptoms. One of these valuable resources is Vida’s personalized coaching platform - an app… Continue reading The Power of Personalized Coaching

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Coming Out of the Closet

By: Tiffany Simms, Bonnie Feldman, and Ellen M Martin  Autoimmunity has spent a long time in the shadows. It has a history of being under-served, under-recognized, and under-funded.  However, things are looking up. Just this past year, we’ve had hope from complementary medicine coming to the forefront and personalized nutrition getting easier. While these improvements… Continue reading Coming Out of the Closet

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Slides from the Stanford Medicine X Panel: Platform gaps in Healthcare

View the slides from DrBonnie360's Stanford Medicine X Panel on Open versus Closed Data - What are the business models? Is there a “Platform” gap in healthcare? What are the business models? from DrBonnie360  

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Is there a “Platform gap” in Healthcare?

How will healthcare data business models evolve around new “Platforms”? by Bonnie Feldman, Ellen M. Martin Personal data is changing the way we work, live and play. As consumers, we expect to receive personalized recommendations in a variety of areas, from shopping at Amazon, music from Spotify, or movies from Netflix. I have been wondering how this… Continue reading Is there a “Platform gap” in Healthcare?

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Genomics Has Its Head in the Clouds

As shown above, each day 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is generated which is growing exponentially.  With 90% of the total data being generated in the last two years, data storage poses a challenge. What is the Cloud? The cloud solves the problem of storage. Individual computers cannot store the amount of data being generated.  The cloud consists of hundreds of thousands… Continue reading Genomics Has Its Head in the Clouds