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How Can the Internet of Things Help Us Challenge the Invisible Epidemic of Autoimmunity?

A curated collection of resources from DrBonnie360's upcoming presentation at Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Inaugural Healthcare IoT Summit (Feb. 13-14). Full presentation slides now available below: Explore the embedded links below to learn how IoT is reshaping healthcare, with a particular emphasis on applications for chronic disease and autoimmune care.      

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Friend or Foe: The Microbiome Lifeline at TRICON

Sneak peak at what the microbiome can do for autoimmunity. We will be holding a short course on the microbiome it’s promises during Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 23rd International Molecular Med Tri-Con on March 6, 2016 in San Francisco - The Microbiome: Sorting the Hype from the Hope. Joining us are the Sonnenburg Lab, the Knight… Continue reading Friend or Foe: The Microbiome Lifeline at TRICON

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NuMedii : Data-Driven Drug Alchemy

The field of developing new drugs is plagued by three interrelated problems: staggering costs, lengthy development times, and a dismal failure rate. 1. The typical new drug to hit pharmacy shelves comes with a hefty price tag of $4.2 billion in R&D costs.  Industry analysts are nearly unanimous in their opinion that this high development… Continue reading NuMedii : Data-Driven Drug Alchemy

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Patient Communities Come in Many Flavors

Each day there seems to be a new type of patient community popping up. A good place to start to learn about these new approaches is a “Report on the Use of Social Media to Prevent Behavioral Risk Factors Associated with Chronic Disease” recently published by the eHealth Initiative. The next few blog posts will… Continue reading Patient Communities Come in Many Flavors

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CES 2014 Robots on the Runway

With curious anticipation, I arrived at CES for the third year, not knowing what to expect.  Having interviewed over 150 companies while attending 45 or more conferences, I wondered what surprises Jill Gilbert had cooked up. Robots on the Runway- a fashion show of robots showing off their wares while walking down a runway to… Continue reading CES 2014 Robots on the Runway