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5 Diet Tips for a Happy, Healthy Mouth

Written by Bonnie Feldman, DDS, MBA, Becca Malizia, BS, and Ellen M. Martin  1. Avoid sticky foods Most obviously this could refer to candy, but also think about sweet cakes, licorice, dried fruits, even something like Cheetos that can start off crunchy but quickly gets embedded in your teeth. Sticky foods do just as the… Continue reading 5 Diet Tips for a Happy, Healthy Mouth

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Is Your Gut Destroying You?

Today we discuss the microbiome and how it functions as an immune organ in the body. You can click on the above Nature animation to learn more about mucosal immunology. Balanced vs Unbalanced Gut Scientists examine the effects the gut microbiome has on the immune and mucosal system. A healthy microbiome is shown to regulate… Continue reading Is Your Gut Destroying You?