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The Prebiotic Approach to Balancing Biofilms

Written by: Bonnie Feldman, DDS, MBA, Hailey Motooka, Ellen M. Martin The saying ‘opposites attract’ is normally applied to two people with opposite personalities engaged in an emotional relationship. For Daily Dental Care co-founders Lindsey Huff and Dr. Emily Stein, this meant a fruitful relationship brought about by differing expertise in microbiology and business. The two… Continue reading The Prebiotic Approach to Balancing Biofilms

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A Guide to Movement Therapy

Click here to download your free copy! For over 30 years, I was an obedient physical therapy patient. I went to PT once a week, week after week, and never asked why I was not getting better. Every so often I changed physical therapists, hoping to notice progress and alleviate my chronic pain. But my symptoms… Continue reading A Guide to Movement Therapy

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The Rising Culture of Probiotics, Pills, and Fruity Tea to Reduce Oral Pathogens

Written by: Hailey Motooka, Bonnie Feldman, DDS, MBA, Ellen M. Martin (Yes, the pun in the title was intended.) A new culture is coming, and it has nothing to do with the Kardashians or a sudden spike in kale consumption, but everything to do with the oral microbiome and health. Today’s demand for a straighter… Continue reading The Rising Culture of Probiotics, Pills, and Fruity Tea to Reduce Oral Pathogens

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How Can the Internet of Things Help Us Challenge the Invisible Epidemic of Autoimmunity?

A curated collection of resources from DrBonnie360's upcoming presentation at Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Inaugural Healthcare IoT Summit (Feb. 13-14). Full presentation slides now available below: Explore the embedded links below to learn how IoT is reshaping healthcare, with a particular emphasis on applications for chronic disease and autoimmune care.