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Cosmos ID Reveals What’s Really Inside Your Mouth

Written by: Bonnie Feldman, DDS, MBA, Hailey Motooka, BS, Sarah Hinton Like the shoemaker with badly repaired shoes, I am a dentist with advanced periodontal disease.  For many years I have struggled with rapidly advanced gum disease despite my consistent brushing, flossing, and rinsing routine. I have tried all sorts of toothbrushes, a myriad of… Continue reading Cosmos ID Reveals What’s Really Inside Your Mouth

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Bridging the Autoimmune Abyss

A Pioneering Blueprint By Bonnie G. Feldman, Ellen M. Martin, and Tiffany Simms In researching the state of autoimmune disease from a patient perspective, I have uncovered multiple gaps across the care continuum. Despite the fact that at least 24-50 million1 Americans are living with autoimmune diseases and they are among the top ten causes… Continue reading Bridging the Autoimmune Abyss