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DIY Yoga Therapy: Flexing Your Muscles and Spirit

Looking around, there’s a yoga studio on every corner. With classes, retreats, workshops, and teacher training, one could assume that Yoga has become a mainstream form of exercise. If you had any doubts, just look at the wide assortment of Yoga magazines that vie for your attention in the supermarket checkout lines. A recent NY… Continue reading DIY Yoga Therapy: Flexing Your Muscles and Spirit

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Can We Measure the Mind-Body​ Connection?

Smoking, obesity and inactivity, together, account for 40% of the preventable premature deaths in the United States. New devices using biofeedback and neurofeedback may allow individuals to improve their positive behaviors which could decrease the number of premature deaths. What is Biofeedback?  Biofeedback is a technique that uses various devices to gain information from the… Continue reading Can We Measure the Mind-Body​ Connection?

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DIY Experiment: Mindfulness

Ever since exploring concepts of feedback loops and behavior change, I have been in a period of personal experimentation. Have you ever had that thing on your to-do list that never makes it to the top? There seem to be lots of excuses that stand in the way, until one day, you just decide to make it happen.… Continue reading DIY Experiment: Mindfulness