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23andMe Genetic Testing

Your genes are an incredibly important and deterministic component of your entire existence. Though we understand the vital importance of genetics, we are only just beginning to comprehend the expansive magnitude to which your genes can affect your health. This is why 23andMe's genetic testing is so necessary and informative in navigating your health. Here Dr. Bonnie details her experience with 23andMe's extensive genetic library and testing services.

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Breathing: There’s More to it Than You Think

Written by: Bonnie Feldman, DDS, MBA, Ellen M. Martin, Kelsey O’Donoghue Many of us reminisce about our childhoods: The good ‘ol days when “everything was simple” and our main concerns were what game to play during recess and what Mom…

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Qualcomm Life Connect2013 – A Healthy Mix of Optimism and Realism

Perhaps I am old-fashioned because I believe that the world is still a people business. Working hard to build a thriving ecosystem, the folks at Qualcomm Life brought together a stimulating 2013 Qualcomm Connect conference. Paul Jacobs, the CEO of…