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13 Unique Autoimmune and Chronic Illness Gifts

Written by: Bonnie Feldman, DDS, MBA, Becca Malizia, BS Do you or a loved one suffer from an Autoimmune disease or chronic illness? Struggling to find that perfect gift for someone you care about or even what to ask for yourself? Here are some ideas for meaningful, and also useful, autoimmune relevant gifts to add… Continue reading 13 Unique Autoimmune and Chronic Illness Gifts

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Complementary Medicine Coming to the Forefront

At Stanford Medicine X 2014, I presented my vision of future care which included shared decision making and collaboration between the patient and three types of care teams- a food as medicine team, a musculoskeletal integrity team and a well-being team. Could my vision be coming true? Recently, there have been several articles describing the… Continue reading Complementary Medicine Coming to the Forefront

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DIY Experiment: Mindfulness

Ever since exploring concepts of feedback loops and behavior change, I have been in a period of personal experimentation. Have you ever had that thing on your to-do list that never makes it to the top? There seem to be lots of excuses that stand in the way, until one day, you just decide to make it happen.… Continue reading DIY Experiment: Mindfulness