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Spotlight on Sjogren’s Syndrome

Written by: Bonnie Feldman, DDS, MBA, Anna Simon, BS, Ellen M. Martin Autoimmune disease is an “invisible epidemic.” Despite affecting roughly 16% of the US population, autoimmunity remains under-recognized, under-researched and under-served. To combat this lack of awareness and to connect patients, families, and caregivers with useful resources, we at Your Autoimmunity Connection are publishing… Continue reading Spotlight on Sjogren’s Syndrome

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A Dentist’s Thoughts on Salivary Diagnostics

             Salivary diagnostics may be a cheaper, faster, better way to diagnose certain diseases. Already effective in oral cancer and Sjogren's syndrome, researchers are looking to expand the potential of using saliva. Blood tests and biopsies are invasive, expensive and time-consuming to collect and process. As seen above, salivary diagnostics… Continue reading A Dentist’s Thoughts on Salivary Diagnostics