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How To Use Food Therapy To Improve Sleep

Sleep is an essential part of healing and restoration for the body. Poor sleep affects all aspects of your daily life, and results in a less efficient and effective version of yourself. Food is another key player, but did you know that the two go hand in hand? Read here to see how you can use food to enhance your slumber.

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Why We Love Our Elementa Mouthrinse

Nothing’s worse than bad breath. What if you could swish your mouth with a delicious tasting mouthrinse that’s not only all natural, but also health promoting? Spoiler: you can! Check out Elementa Mouthrinse to upgrade your oral hygiene regimen with a mouthwash that uses unique agents to bring your mouth to a healthy pH, backed by the latest science.

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Could a Cure for Alzheimer’s Disease Lie in the Mouth?

What does your mouth have to do with Alzheimer’s Disease? Recent research shows a potential connection between oral pathogens and Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Click here to explore exciting new science for the future of Alzheimer’s disease.