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The Autoimmune Masquerade

Continuing Briane’s story, she gives us another perspective on college life and autoimmunity.  From her struggles, sacrifices, and positive outlook, Briane turns her story into one of inspiration and advice. –Do you have everyday struggles?– You know that feeling when you have a cold and your body is extra achy and tired because it’s using… Continue reading The Autoimmune Masquerade

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Forced to Slow Down: Living with an Invisible Disease in College

Briane has fibromyalgia and is currently a UCLA student who started up a community group called You Are Not Alone. Her story chronicles the challenges of an invisible disease; if she had known about fibromyalgia earlier, perhaps she could’ve prevented the intensity. Yet, despite all the pain and cut backs from fibromyalgia, her perspective became… Continue reading Forced to Slow Down: Living with an Invisible Disease in College

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It’s Not Contagious!

Following Will, our second UCLA student, Tia, lends us her voice in describing the challenges of living with and caring for psoriasis. –Did you know about Psoriasis before you had it?– I had no idea what psoriasis was! The first time I ever showed symptoms I just had one small spot, and my doctor thought… Continue reading It’s Not Contagious!

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Some Men Suffer Silently

[Will on the far right] I had never heard of psoriasis previous to my diagnosis. I had no indication of the coming onset of my autoimmune disease. However, my mother is diagnosed with mild Crohn’s Disease, and I had digestion issues as a child, so there was concern as to this being an issue. My grandfather also has mild psoriasis that I… Continue reading Some Men Suffer Silently

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Is Meditation for Cognitive Wellness the Next Big Healthcare Trend?

Can meditation practice train the mind as physical training does the body? As I am preparing for the mhealth summit presentation “Using the Digital Tools of Play to Personalize Health” I am wondering if meditation, like gaming, will become a driver of wider acceptance of mind-training interventions for cognitive wellness. Meditation has been in the… Continue reading Is Meditation for Cognitive Wellness the Next Big Healthcare Trend?

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DIY Experiments: Mindfulness Parts 2 and 3

In my previous post, I wrote about my first experience attending a mindfulness session. Needless to say, it was a successful experiment, and keen to learn more, I returned to the Hammer to see what the subsequent mindfulness sessions would inspire. My second session was led by Diana Winston-whose soothing voice and demeanor left me refreshed and… Continue reading DIY Experiments: Mindfulness Parts 2 and 3