Bridging the Gap

Working with digital health companies to advance care for chronic immunoinflammatory 

disorders. Providing resources for autoimmune patients, caretakers, entrepreneurs and stakeholders.

Who We Are

Our Vision: A world where people with chronic immunoinflammatory conditions get the best care possible, drawing on conventional, digital and functional medicine.

Our Mission: To raise awareness of CIID, autoimmune and related conditions and to use our expertise to advance companies working to improve research, diagnostics and clinical care for this community.

Our Business: We provide professional services to emerging and established companies and organizations whose missions overlap with our focus on autoimmune and related conditions.

For Businesses –

Advancing Digital Health for Chronic Immunoinflammatory Disorders (CIIDs)

Find your niche in the connection between medicine and digital health. We provide consulting, communications, and other professional services to companies working to improve chronic disease management and care. 

For Patients –

Autoimmune Connect

From diet to exercise, we’ve got you covered. Our health and fitness resources are catered towards managing chronic disease and achieving your best health.

About Us –

An invisible epidemic, an unmet medical need.

An invisible epidemic as costly as cancer or heart disease lurks among us. From autoimmune to long COVID, tens of millions of people suffer chronic immunoinflammatory diseases (CIIDs) too often overlooked and underserved by current healthcare systems. Let us help you change that through our broad understanding of how CIIDs affect payers, providers and patients and how digital tools can help improve care at lower cost.

Subject Matter Expertise –

Thought Leadership Series

We like staying up to date on the latest players in digital health. In this series, we interview the founders of some of the up-and-coming digital health agencies, learning about their vision, background, and strategy.