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Communicating Autoimmune Disease

We understand the struggles of CIID patients from our own experiences as well as those of our loved ones and community. Let us put that background plus decades of experience in life science and healthcare communications to work for your projects.

Bridging the Gap –

Autoimmune in the Conversation

Chronic inflammatory diseases are not always considered when digital health companies launch products. The invisible CIID population is often overlooked in the conversation between founders, investors, clinicians and payers. We aim to represent this unmet need in our consulting, bridging the gap between technology and better disease management and care.

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Empowering Healthy Living

Living with chronic disease symptoms can be difficult. We get it–but there are more ways to manage your disease than you might know. From fitness to oral health, our resources are research-intensive and written with minimum scientific jargon. Here’s information to help you take control of your health.

Our Story –

A Personal Stake in an Unmet Medical Need

Our founders have lived closely with autoimmune disease for decades. Bonnie and members of her immediate family live with autoimmune diseases. Ellen has witnessed the suffering of friends with autoimmune diseases since the 1970s. Both had backgrounds in finance, biotech investor relations and corporate communications when they met in 1997. Despite working on the bleeding edge of biopharma and digital medicine, they found that autoimmune disease was under-recognized, underfunded and under-researched. Having direct experience of the medical community’s general lack of understanding of chronic immuno-inflammatory diseases (CIIDs), they set about to change that. 

The Founder and CEO

Dr. Bonnie Feldman


With her unique experiences as a healthcare provider, researcher, analyst, scientist, and patient, Bonnie bridges diverse industries and helps propel the growing convergence of science, tech, and patient demand towards individualized autoimmune care through her consulting, writing, and speaking.

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Senior Consultant

Ellen M. Martin


Ellen brings to her consulting and content creation engagements decades of experience as scientist, banker, strategic communications & investor relations professional, virtual session facilitator, healthcare and technology writer and editor. Her domain knowledge ranges widely across autoimmune, biopharma, genomics & analysis tools, information technology,  medical devices, pharmacology, self-hacking and much more.

Our Interns –

Change-Makers in Training