Consulting –

Part of Your Team

We help digital health and virtual-first companies tackle the invisible epidemic of chronic immuno-inflammatory disorders (CIIDs), including autoimmune and now long COVID.

We provide professional services to fill gaps in our clients’ strategic communications and content development programs.

We bring multidisciplinary perspectives to our projects: dentistry, digital health, financial analysis, strategic marcomm, oral microbiome, research, writing & editing.

We bring our awareness of the unmet needs of CIID patients to all our engagements.

Our Vision –

Making Health Accessible

At Your Autoimmunity Connection, we have keen understanding of living with chronic diseases. Our vision is a world where patients can access the best of conventional, functional, and digital medicine to achieve their best health.

How We Help –

Specialized Consulting

We assist our clients through research and consulting to create innovative services for people with chronic immuno-inflammatory diseases. Read our one pager to better understand how we can help your company.

Working With Us –

Part of Your Team

As seasoned virtual workers with decades of expertise across multiple fields in business development, life sciences, healthcare, finance, marketing and communications we work seamlessly on your team, wherever or whatever your project.

Subject Matter Expertise –

Thought Leadership Series

Think pieces about timely topics plus interviews with leading entrepreneurs in the chronic immuno-inflammatory disease arena. We can help you design a thought leadership program for your company or organization.