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We can help you achieve your goals (business development, communications, marketing, finance) drawing on four different expert perspectives (Industry, Analyst, Practitioner, Patient) to help you map the landscape and bridge the gaps that have impeded advances in chronic disease and (auto)immune care.

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    • Partnerships, Alliances & New Market Identification: Through our extensive networks of people in digital health, biohacking, autoimmune advocacy, etc., we can help you (autoimmune communities, emerging companies, event producers & sponsors, health care practices) find allies and potential partners, and identify new market opportunities.
    • Market research: From professional marcomm, financial analyst and patient perspectives, we can help you find your best target markets and understand what they want, as well as help you keep up with scientific research & business trends.
    • Competitive analysis: We can analyze and map your competitive landscape (including competitors you may not know you have) to position your company strategically in a more complete universe that includes alternative medicine, digital health and self-hacking, in addition to conventional industry categories.
    • Strategic Positioning: We use classic consulting techniques in facilitated workshops informed by a spirit of curiosity and fun to help you clarify and articulate your place in the competitive landscape and highlight your company’s unique differentiators.
    • Strategic and Tactical Communications: We can help you clarify and articulate your vision & mission, unique selling proposition and market positioning all to help you communicate with panache to your target audiences. From planning entire programs to creating content—writing and editing articles, blog posts, marketing collateral, slide shows, technical backgrounders, white papers and more—we help you communicate your messages through old and new media channels.
    • Websites and Presentations: We develop content, coordinate with graphic designers and video producers, and prepare you to present persuasively with rehearsal & feedback. Digital health, microbiome and autoimmune are current specialties, but we are versed in a broad range of healthcare-related fields.
    • Speakers, Panels and Workshops: We can help you choose target meetings, pitch ideas, find and organize speakers and even speak or moderate ourselves on behalf of clients and sponsors. We bring years of experience, including personal speaking engagements at TED, SMX, SXSW, speaker panels at BIO and BPI, chronic disease workshops at SMX, and more.
    • Fundraising: From decades of experience on both sides of the table (analyst, investor relations, corporate communications) we can help you develop compelling stories and lively visuals to communicate persuasively to investors and analysts.

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