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Can Air Purifiers Fight Covid or Wildfire Smoke?

This year has given people a lot of reasons to think about the air they breathe. For example, the summer's West Coast fires released an immense amount of smoke and ash into the air. The resultant poor air quality is…

Post-Viral Syndromes (Part 2)

The emergence of post-COVID syndrome shines new light on the old problem of post-viral syndromes...

Woman lying on sofa with tissue and headace under the shadow of a SARS-CoV-2 virus and with hashmarks on the wall behind here showing how long she's been ill

Will Long COVID Change the Game for Autoimmune Diseases, too? (Part 1)

Will long-COVID activists, especially practitioner-patients, finally force healthcare systems, clinicians and medical researchers to confront post-viral...

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Improving Sleep During the Pandemic

The world is a chaotic, uncertain place right now. Don't let the turbulence disturb your sleep! Click here to find out how you can improve your sleep!

Woman's face in the sunshine

Sunshine as a Health Tool

Is there a better feeling than the warmth of the sun’s rays gliding across your skin... than waking up to the bright, shining sun and chirping birds? The association between sunny days and happiness are abundant and prevalent...

Mental Health Apps for a Clear Mind

Our world is full of distractions and worries, but you can take steps to keep this busyness out of your head. Click here for a list of useful mental health apps to lead you to a calm and clear mind!

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