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Our company is dedicated to communicating autoimmunity in all spheres. From TEDx to Stanford, we make our voices heard through speaking engagements and presentations. Come and hear our stories.

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DrBonnie360 is an invited speaker to international conferences. Based upon the latest scientific evidence, each custom-created talk is presented using captivating visuals and stories.

As a life-long learner, DrBonnie360 also attends events in order to keep up with rapidly evolving science and technology. Through engaging blog posts, DrBonnie is able to share with her community the latest technology innovations and research discoveries advancing autoimmune and chronic care

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Bonnie’s TED talk highlights the invisible epidemic of autoimmune disease – conditions that over 50 million people have been diagnosed with, but medicine still has much to learn about – and discuss the steps we can take to help the next generation of autoimmune patients. 

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