The Art of Scientific Storytelling
We create custom presentations aimed at scientific and lay audiences in order to bring the science to life.

DrBonnie360 shares her 30 plus year journey in coping with chronic musculoskeletal pain, secondary to her chronic autoimmune condition. She explains why there has to be more than PT and offers alternative movement modalities that you can try out to help with chronic pain.

Here’s a look at our talk at TEDxACU 2017. We highlight the invisible epidemic of autoimmune disease and the various steps we can take to help the next generation fo autoimmune patients. 

DrBonnie360 sheds light on the latest oral microbiome research, and highlights novel oral care products to help balance the oral microbiome. As DrBonnie360 says, better oral health is better overall health.

 With recent research linking the oral microbiome to systemic diseases such as heart and lung disease, cancer, and various autoimmune diseases, it is important to understand the little things in the oral cavity that have large impacts on oral health.

 First exploring the relationship of the gut microbiome and disease, at the 2017 Tri-Conference in San Francisco (Feb 2017), DrBonnie360 explores the recent connections and research around the impact of the oral microbiome. 

As a champion for all autoimmune patients, DrBonnie’60’s new goal is collaborate and work together to save our children from the growing epidemic of autoimmunity. Will you join to help save the future? 

Joining Discovery on Target 2016 in Boston, for Targeting the Microbiome, DrBonnie presents new discoveries in research, technology, and upcoming companies. Most importantly, DrBonnie360 focuses on the gut as an organ of immunity and its possible relations to autoimmune disease. 

Now, more than ever before, is the time to address the autoimmune disease epidemic. With the convergence in science, tech, and patient demand, we can begin pieces the autoimmune puzzle together. With emerging tech, platforms and tools can improve care delivery. With your help, we can save millions.

Newest research connecting the oral microbiome to systemic diseases such as heart and lung diseases, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and even possibly Alzheimer’s disease, has shed new light on the importance of oral health. 

With Chronic Disease, especially autoimmune disease, slowly creeping up on us at an epidemic level, we can no longer ignore the importance of being healthy. The stage is set for personalized prevention. The science, research, data, digital health, and patients, are all ready for personalized prevention to become a reality.