Our Partners

Larry Smarr is the founding Director of the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2), a University of California, San Diego/UC Irvine partnership created in 2000. Calit2 represents a new mechanism to address large-scale societal issues by bringing together multidisciplinary teams of the best minds in a way that had been impossible earlier.

Larry Smarr

❝ DrBonnie360’s vision of a tripartite convergence of conventional, functional, and digital medicine is the future of healthy living with autoimmune disease. ❞

Mymee’s mission is to help people identify the root causes for their problems and inspire them to change the specific habits to reverse their symptoms. They call it Data Driven Coaching, and it’s an innovative new way to use technology to effectively subdue the illness through behavioral change. Today, medicine is about understanding the many different factors that go into our health.

Mette Dyhrberg

❝ We believe that autoimmune disorders- and the warriors among us who suffer from them- are underserved by today’s healthcare system.  It is a system that was not designed for the complex and nuanced challenges of autoimmunity.  The solution is thinking about the problem in a different way.  That is why we created a personalized diagnostic and treatment platform that combines the best of parts of conventional, functional and digital medicine to restore health and empower patients.❞

CrossBridge is on a mission to help achieve the best outcomes at the lowest possible cost for all chronic inflammatory disease. CrossBridge resulted from the vision of Bill Conlan, who has deep experience in the application of the latest technologies to meet challenges in healthcare.  Bill’s resolve to attack chronic inflammatory disease comes from his own experience with ankylosing spondylitis.

Bill conlan

❝ CrossBridge helps health plans partner with hematology practices to deliver evidence-based care with cost efficiency while improving chronic inflammatory disease outcomes.  We are an independent third party solution that aligns, patients, physicians and payers in the transition to Value-Based Care. It began as a result of my personal experience and seeing the need for an improved care model; I have ankylosing spondylitis and have family members with rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. ❞

Helpsy’s mission is to empower people to have the best health outcomes possible while living their life to the fullest. While Helpsy is focused on getting people to live their best quality of life, they believe that this should be enabled by using evidence-based modalities. Helpsy wants to facilitate the emergence of a new healthcare ecosystem by connecting experts, patients and centers using their platform.

Sangeeta Agarawal

❝ Continuity of care is not just important for helping cancer patients manage their chronic disease, but also for those suffering from the 100+ autoimmune diseases out there. ❞

A community for moms managing autoimmune symptoms and treatments while living a whole life; connecting the dots across 100+ autoimmune conditions affecting 37 million women.

Katie Cleary

❝ We must create individualized, data-driven treatment plans that include self-care, diet and meditation, while tracking digital health data to find patterns and predict onset of flares. Only then will we see the advancements we need for living a whole life with autoimmune. ❞